Kibble in HK

One of the first problems we hit with Mylo was what kibble we should feed him. Whilst we were researching this topic back in UK, we saw a myriad of brands from Japan being sold in Hong Kong. I mean, the Japanese idolize their pet dogs, so their branded dog food can’t be all that bad, right?

We know we shouldn’t be doing this, but every other bag of kibble Mylo gets through, we change the flavor or brand, he just gets bored and won’t eat for 4- 5 days. Luckily, his digestive system is very strong (my missus used to feed him a tablespoon of natural yoghurt everyday), and copes with these changes very well. I’ve read so much literature saying we should not do this and that the dog will not starve itself, well from experience, Mylo will.

Back in the UK, the kibble brand we always went back to from time to time was Royal Canin:


….but getting that in Hong Kong does have its problems. Firstly, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel isn’t a really popular breed in Hong Kong; its mostly poodles, chihuahuas and other smaller breeds (small houses/flats here), so this kibble is not sold in many places. Secondly, in the pet stores that do sell it, they’ll whack on a premium.

I’ve tried (well Mylo has) one or two Japanese brands, result? Lots of poop. Probably twice as much as if he was on other brands of kibble.

Another thing has does put me off buying Japanese brands of kibble is the packaging. I mean, just look at it! Does even look like dog food?!?



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